Illustration: Important criteria for buying a pressure washer


Each pressure washer has its own specificities. When making an illustration of pressure washers, they are not all equal and do not allow for the same types of surfaces to be cleaned in depth. Some pressure washers are more advanced, others have additional equipment. The prices of these pressure washers vary greatly. Before buying a pressure washer, you should ask yourself the right questions. Which model should you choose? What is the ideal size? What level of sophistication do you want? Find out what criteria are important when choosing a pressure washer.

What is a pressure washer and what is it used for?

A high-pressure cleaning machine is a tool that increases the pressure of the water coming out of a faucet to allow for precise and efficient cleaning. The water pressure is increased tenfold, which facilitates the various maintenance operations.

You can use accessories to the tip of the pressure washer to change the shape of the water jet, which allows you to loosen dirt and grime in an optimal way. Thus, for complicated cleaning tasks, this state-of-the-art device can be easily used. There is a wide range of high-pressure cleaning machines available on the market. In order to choose an effective cleaning device, it is important to identify your needs.

Choosing a pressure washer: the decisive criteria to take into account

For a high-performance machine, it is important to combine the right flow rate with the right pressure, while choosing the right accessories. This is a challenge that can be difficult to meet if you do not have the right knowledge.

Criterion 1: Maintaining the pressure of a pressure washer

As the name suggests, pressure is the most important factor in choosing your pressure washer equipment. This is an indication that you can ask the sales staff. The higher the pressure, the better it is at loosening deeply embedded dirt. However, remember that not all surfaces are suitable for extremely high pressures. A car does not need the same pressure as a luxury floor, for example. Cleaners have two distinct types of pressure:

  • Maximum pressure
  • Working pressure

Criterion 2: Flow rate

It is measured in liters/hour. The flow rate is the quantity of water propelled by the nozzle in one hour. The speed of the work depends strongly on the flow rate. The more powerful it is, the faster the work will be done. Flow rate and pressure are directly related. Always choose the flow rate that best suits your needs.

Criterion 3: Pressure washer accessories

When buying a pressure washer, you should ask about the accessories provided by the manufacturer. This has an impact on the price of the complete equipment. The more accessories you have, the more versatile and efficient your pressure washer will be, and this also has an impact on the cost of the device. Depending on the task to be performed, the frequency of cleaning, and the time needed for the job, you should consider accessories such as rotary brushes, floor brushes, etc.

The best would be a pressure washer with a simple system of changing accessories. This will make it easier and more convenient to use.


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