Four Types Of Giraffe Tools Pressure Washers


Giraffe tools pressure washers are among the best pressure washing machines. The devices have the latest machine innovations, which act as a sign of high-efficiency levels. Furthermore, technology keeps on advancing. Thus, better and better machines are coming up. Giraffe tools have several types of pressure washing machines. Here are its primary types.

1. Electric powered Giraffe tools pressure washers

The electric pressure washer has an incredible design that makes the cleaning process easy. It has wheels that make mobility easy. It means that you can quickly move the machine wherever you want to. It also has an excellent four-stage pump.

The pump ensures that the device efficiently distributes current with a very high force. In addition, it has a control dial that provides you can adjust the machine as you move around. The electric pressure washer is also available in different sizes. But the most common is the 2150 PSI.

2. The Grandfalls pressure washer

The giraffe tools pressure washers are incredibly versatile. You can use it in large and small households. Furthermore, it offers you the mounting option. Thus, you can easily mount it in your garage for convenience.

The wall-mounted design and the automatic retraction feature ensure that you do not have to install them repeatedly. It also provides that you do not need to pull the machine down, over, or drag it.

Furthermore, the retraction system prevents the hose from kinking. It also has an automatic rotating seal and a long hose that ensures the operator does not need to waste time doing one easy task.

3. Portable Giraffe tools pressure washers

The portable pressure washer is ideal if you want something easy to operate. Furthermore, it is easy to install, and you can use it anywhere you want. The machine has a multi-mode nozzle which allows you to attain a potent stream by switching to three-spray nozzles. Furthermore, the device provides comprehensive coverage.

The machine also has a compact design. The design makes portability very easy. It means that you can carry it anywhere you want. It also has a flexible hose, which easily folds, thus saving on space. The best thing about the portable pressure washer is that you can power it on with a vehicle’s battery. You can also choose to include a handgun to make cleaning more effective.

4. 2 in 1 giraffe tools pressure washers

The 2 in 1 pressure washer has a very powerful motor. The powerful engine ranges at about 10AMP/1400W. It produces a GPM of 1.28 and a PSI of 1400. The machine is powerful enough to clean your car efficiently at the most convenient time possible.

It also has 20 and 40 degrees nozzle, ensuring you can carry out medium and light-duty works. Furthermore, the machine also has a 180-degree swivel bracket that makes mounting possible. The 180-degree bracket also allows you to move the hose in whatever direction you want.


The giraffe tools pressure washers are very versatile. Their versatility means that you can efficiently get a machine that coordinates your work requirements. Furthermore, they all have the latest machine innovations that ensure cleaning efficiency.


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