A complete Review of guard dog Ballistic Helmet


The Level 3a low-profile protection offered by the guard dog ballistic helmet was tested by the NIJ. With this helmet, you can wear gas masks, night vision goggles that are mounted on the helmet, and communication devices. With a quick-release buckle, these helmets have a chin strap of leather.

Guard dog tactical products or gear should be reliable, with affordable prices and safety should be maintained. And according to the requirements, these tactical gear should be easy to use and personalize.

Different protection levels are offered by this guard dog ballistic helmet generally speaking, the levels are assessed in accordance with the National Institute of Justice. Same as overall body head injury can also be devastating and lethal.

Key Points of Guard Dog ballistic helmet

The safety and mounting attachments are the two most significant characteristics to consider when going to make a purchase.

NVG Mount

For the night vision goggles, one of the three mounting options on the ballistic helmets is available including single whole, boltless design as well as three holes.

Single hole:

A single hole is considered a less expensive and most commonly used simple design. Through the front of the center of the helmet, a single crew runs and the main purpose of it is to protect the bracket.


As compared to the one-hole these three designs are the safest, most expensive, and most convenient to use. By the triangle’s form of contact, points of helmets are provided naturally.

Boltless design:

The mount’s boltless structure permits it to attach to a rail on the helmet. Though it is the tiniest recurrent of the three, its approval is intensifying.

Retention system:

Most of the helmets now have some type of retention system same as with the chin strap. And those collar or strap systems that tighten up around your head are distinctive.

Helmet pad:

Your relief and improved head defense will both be boosted by a helmet pad of good quality. The force of the bullet, shrapnel, and blunt force can be reduced with the help of a 20mm dense cushion that is more characteristic.

Boltless strap and rail:

By Velcro, straps and rails are committed to the helmet without any closing end, and these clamps are made up of plastic or some other mechanism. It is considered the main thing that bolts and holes may lead to secondary disintegration if a helmet is hit by an explosive blast.

Ballistic rating

One of the research divisions of the U.S. that is the Department of Justice, considered the National Institute of Justice, developed some basic rules regarding the level of hazard of ballistic helmets that should be rated by most of the manufacturers.

Concluding remarks

For the success of your mission, a good tactical helmet is considered the most important. Functionality is one of the main parts of the best tactical helmets. In this present article, the key features as well as the guidance for using are provided in detail. I hope you find this article interesting and please let us know how you found this article.


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