All you need to know about Uwell Valyrian Series


UWELL is an e-cigarette brand, of which the Valyrian series covers pod, kit and tank. The pod has a breadth of 25mm, and the new valyrian has an equal loop. It has equal legs, high power, and coils that are helpful for customizing wind currents. The Valyrian Pod has two replaceable coils, each separate through flavor and wind current change, altering the tank inside for every client’s inclination.

Its kit has an underground tank used by adults only. It delivers impressive vaping, speciaally designed for high vitage vaping. This is provided by Uwell, a company in china that allows the safe use of it.

In this article, we will talk about the Uwell Valyrian Pod. Read the full article to get accurate information. This article will be helpful to you in your research.

Uwell Valyrian Pod Features

Good Airflow

The Uwell variant has good airflow. Saying it is famous for its airflow. Three bigger holes are present at the bottom of the tank. The use of airflow is easy, but a loud whistle makes it inconvenient to use.

Best Coil Variant

The best coil variant for a valyrian tank is 0.15 ohms coil because it has the most potent flavor and hit. It gives you a smoother experience for vaping.

Design And Quality To Build It

The Valyrian unit arrives in a decision of three tones, Dark (which I got), Gold, or Green, and it can be metallic green again. The gadget’s body is produced using an aluminum compound, and it’s exceptionally lightweight. All these products were available on uwell. Let’s go now and avail these opportunities.

How To Use Uwell Valyrian Pod

First, you need to push the cover away from the drip so that it can access the refilled port. Use a silicon seal to press the tip of your bottle. Then fill your pod and keep an eye on the refilled level of the pod. Slide the top to one side and close it.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Uwell Valyrian


when we talk about Uwell Valyrian Pod, it is exceptionally comfortable to hold and use. Even a new and ordinary person can use it. The tank is incredibly outstanding. The size is suitable for placing three batteries in it. Although it has disadvantages, its advantages are much more than disadvantages.


The coil needs more power than average and is too expensive for the first experience. You need to spend a lot of money on it to use it, even for the first experience. So you have a choice to use it or not.


This article talked about Uwell Valyrian Series, what a Valyrian pod is, its design, how to build it, its best variant coil, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to use valyrian uwell. This article will be helpful to you. You can find such products online or in stores now. Well, provide the products related to the valyrian series on its website. You need to be 18 plus to buy a product like this.


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