Why Do Power Washers Come With Enhanced Features Than Normal Ones?


No matter how hard you try, dirt, grime, and rust can never be thoroughly cleaned from a conventional power washer. And the cost of replacement parts and repairs means it’s not inexpensive.

The only way to get rid of all the disgusting build-up on your lawn furniture or deck is to scrub it clean with a chemical that could be hazardous to your health. Why take a chance on your homeownership/business on which you’ve spent so much money? Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, power washers¬†are the only way to ensure you’re getting the job done and that your home or business is in tip-top shape.

The Revolution Pro pressure washer’s “Auto-detonation” technology delivers powerful water blasts that eradicate tough stains on any surface. It’s corrosion-resistant for maximum reliability, and efficiency & its main components are 20% lighter than comparable power washers.

Easy Reachability To High Areas

Giraffetools pressure washers have Easy Reachability To High Areas because they are made with a unique long handle that gives you leverage and control. The high-pressure hose, over 50% longer than normal hoses, allows you to easily reach even the highest spots on your home or office.

Their exclusive ‘Easy Reachability To High Areas’ feature helps you pressure wash even more challenging to reach places easily. The sturdy construction of this power washer resists rust, corrosion, and stains to give you years of reliable service.

Extended Life And Powerful Performance

Giraffetools power washers use the cleanest, most efficient, and most reliable motor technology in their PowerWasher Series, which provides extended life and powerful performance.

Giraffetools power washers can give you Extended Life And Powerful Performance. These pressure washers are made to be highly durable and long-lasting while being powerful enough to quickly and effectively get your cleaning done.

You’ll get the most potent pressure washers on the market and extend their life with our premium parts. Our kits include everything you need to repair it right. Replace your worn-out parts today and get power back into your machine.

Minimum Maintenance Requirements

Giraffetools power washers have minimum maintenance requirements because they are compact yet powerful pump technology. The parts are easily accessible and can easily be removed and replaced with standard hand tools.

It is a massive time-saver over traditional electric pressure washers, which often require a professional to change any worn-out or damaged components.

Giraffetools pressure washers are a complete power washing solution. All Giraffetools power washers have minimum maintenance requirements, a large variety of nozzles and accessories, long service life, and low noise.

Top Construction Excellence

Giraffetools pressure washers have been designed with the user in mind. All of the tools are easy to use, durable, and well-made. The power washer features a heavy-duty pump that is long-lasting and dependable but still lightweight enough for easy maneuvering.

Its durability allows you to use it for many projects and years to come. GiraffeTools power washers have also earned Top Construction Excellence from Intertek testing, so you can be sure that you are purchasing products.

At Giraffetools, we take pride in creating high-quality power washer models that are easy to use and maintain and provide a variety of options for any job.


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