Collectible Items from the Miku Franchise to Purchase

sakura miku

The sakura miku anime franchise is a famous anime series that enjoys worldwide viewership. The franchise is popular due to Miku’s depiction of an attractive girl whose absent-mindedness and smiley face outline its cover. The theme of the Miku series is a pink color outlook whose motivation comes from the spring season. You will likely find several interesting collectible items on store shelves. The best thing is to find the items you can buy for yourself, your kid, or your house. The following are some items to consider:

1. The sakura Miku action figure

The sakura Miku action figure is one item that will have a big role to play in your living room décor when you buy. An anime figure is the character model of the gaming and series version, which gives you a real-life view. The benefit of buying an action figure is that you get an item at a strategic point in the living to increase its beauty. A figure is also a gift option when you reward your kid for good performance in school or a birthday. There are different size action figures that you can buy depending on your requirements.

2. Sakura miku wallpapers

Wallpapers depicting your favorite Miku anime character are ideal for your house walls. The wallpapers come in different designs that you get to select depending on what excites your eyes. It is important to understand the interior design before picking the wallpaper you want. The knowledge helps you to choose wallpapers that complement the color and patterns that already exist in your living room. The size of the wallpaper also determines how it fits into the interior design and décor tastes of the house.

3. Anime comics

Another important item worth your money is the franchise comic books. Comic books provide the perfect alternative for you to keep up with the events of every episode of your favorite anime series. Therefore, it is necessary to buy comic books because they keep you busy outdoors. The comics break the monotony of watching or playing your anime franchise on a screen every time. Therefore, you keep your eyes safe from too much screen exposure.

4. Anime bobbleheads

The bobbleheads from the anime franchise offer another option to consider purchasing from the store. The bobblehead is an action figurehead mounted with springs on a platform to hold it in place. However, any displacement you cause on the head makes it swing from side to side due to the action of the spring. The motion creates an interactive point of attention because it makes the item come to life. Bobbleheads are ideal for putting in the car.

5. Anime busts

Anime busts are the incomplete version of the action figure since they only have the head, shoulders, and chest region. Therefore, they are ideal for the living room as long as you get a good stand to hold them up.


The collectibles from the sakura Miku franchise are good for the living house decoration value they bring. Getting the right item depends on your attention to the detail of your house and understanding what makes it more appealing. You can visit check online stores to check the item designs to decide what will improve the beauty of your space.


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